A Brief Guide For Painting In Windy Weather

Painting In Windy Weather

If I am not wrong then you are free these days and you want to get maximum use of this free time by painting the home but you have listened from everyone that painting in windy weather is not a good idea. Now, you are confused whether to go for painting in windy weather or to wait for the weather to become stable. There is no issue painting in windy weather so just go for it. This guide will help you in painting your home in windy weather successfully.

Home is the only place where we feel secured and comfortable. We use all our resources to decorate our home as our home definitely reveals our personality. It is usually suggested to paint the home every five years but if you live in a region having extreme cold or extremely hot weather then you will have to paint your home twice a five years as weather badly affects the exteriors of our home. It decomposes upper layers of paints exposing the walls and if walls remain, exposed to extreme climatic conditions for longer time then they starts getting damaged so it is highly advised to keep checking your walls in order to know when they need paint.

However, professional painters take less time in painting home but if you have enough time for painting then why not do it yourself? Most of the people wait for weekends or other holidays for painting their home but what, if the weather is not good on these days. In such a case, if you can wait for the weather to become stable then, it is well and good but if you want to get rid of painting then there is still no problem in it.

What is The Ideal Weather For Painting Exterior Walls

If we ask professional painters what is the ideal weather for painting then they will say that mild weather conditions are good for painting when it is neither too hot nor too cold. It is generally suggested to paint on a sunny day when there is low moisture percentage in the atmosphere. On the contrary, painting in windy weather is not appreciated, as it is generally believed that paint does not settles well on the walls in windy weather so you may paint interiors in windy weather but prefer avoiding painting exteriors in such weather. This is what people generally think and you will be shocked to know that it is not necessarily true. There is no harm painting in windy weather at all.

The technology is at its peaks these days. Now solutions come before the problem even arises. With the help of modern technology, you can easily do painting in windy weather.

Possible Problems You May Face While Painting In Windy Weather

Winds dry the paint coats very fast. When the paint does not get enough time for getting settled on the walls properly then it starts to crack shortly after you apply it on the walls. If winds blow in winter season then temperature falls and it is not good idea painting exteriors when the temperature is low from a certain range. The good thing is that you can easily avoid all these problems by taking certain steps while painting in windy weather.

An Easy To Follow Guide For Painting in Windy Weather

There are various geographical regions where winds blow very fast most of the time, as these regions are located on heights. If the winds stop blowing by luck then its starts raining and rain is even more dangerous for painting. If you live in such an area then you need to be very carefully while painting as your little mistake can destroy your walls. When it comes to painting in windy weather then there are extra things you need to do.

If you have started painting and now the weather has become windy suddenly then you need to take a few steps immediately. First cover your paint cans as wind takes with it some dust particles that can contaminate the paint. My personal suggestion is to wait for an hour or two as winds usually do not lasts longer. If winds blow longer then you should go for following things.

Apply Paint Coats Repeatedly

I know this sounds stupid but it works. If weather is windy and you fear that winds will dry the paint fast then apply several coats of paints instead of just two coats. In addition, various sprays and other chemicals are available in the market that makes the drying process slower.

Use Low Temperature Paints If Weather Is Cold

If temperature becomes low when winds start blowing then you must use special paints that are made to survive in low temperature as well. These paints are available with the name of low temperature paints in the market.

Consult a Professional Painter

You must also share your problem with any professional painter and ask for his suggestions. He can provide useful tips on painting in windy weather. In addition, you should also visit market in order to get information about latest chemicals and painting materials that are especially designed for painting in windy weather.

I guarantee you that the above-mentioned tips always work so there is no need to avoid painting in windy weather, just do it to prove all those people wrong that stops you from painting in windy weather.

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