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Word of mouth from satisfied customers is our best marketing and we appreciate your business. Providing unsurpassed customer service and top level satisfaction rates is what keeps our clients coming back and recommending us to their friends and family. I’d like to personally thank each of our customers who have taken the time to write a positive review.


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Prompt, Clean & Honest

Mar 15, 2013 by Peggy B.

I work at an auto dealership and when I realized that our ceilings looked absolutely horrible, I forwarded my complaint to management. They said that if anything was to be done about it then it has to be cost efficient and down time can’t be that long. Luckily, Painting Contractor USA came through and provided us with cost efficient sandblasting and ceiling painting and they didn’t take long at all. This is a service I’d definitely recommend to anyone who needs a commercial paint job.

Peggy B. - Clairmont, FL

Professional Crew

Mar 14, 2013 by Greg A.

The previous owner of a mini warehouse I bought left the place in a horrible mess, and I knew I needed to make renovations. Fortunately for me I heard about Painting Contractor USA and how they could bring my building back up to the standard coating requirements. The sandblast job they did was great and in the end they left my warehouse with a very smooth like finish you just don’t expect elsewhere.

Greg A. - Chicago, IL

Excellent Job

Mar 12, 2013 by Jane C.

As a manager at a local bank, I noticed that our walls were looking rusty and dull, and I didn’t want our customers to think that is also how we were. We also noticed that the coating was very poor and the walls were highly bumpy when it wasn’t supposed to be, so we hired Painting Contractor USA to sandblast the place and repaint with a nice smooth finish to it that was cost efficient and left my bank looking vibrant as it should be.

Jane C. - Orlando, FL

My Expectations Were Exceeded

Mar 10, 2013 by Jim O.

My employees were complaining about the office building and how the coating was beginning to peel off, which I didn’t notice or perhaps did not want to notice. When I researched that my building was not meeting certain coating requirements, I knew I had to do something. Painting Contractor USA provided me with a cost efficient paint job which included sandblasting and I didn’t even have to worry about significant down time. They are a service I’d truly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Doug S. - Fort Wayne, IN

On Time - Great Work

Mar 01, 2013 by Sara S.

If you need a commercial paint job, then Painting Contractor USA is absolutely the way to go. They helped get my local cinema up and running by painting all the walls including the ceiling for a vibrant finish and to keep it with the theme of my cinema. The cost was well within my means and I didn’t have to worry about a rough finish because of the fact they also sandblasted so that their paint job would be nice and smooth, something other competitors don’t seem to shine as well in.

Sara S. - Orlando, FL

Very Professional

Feb 24, 2013 by Fred T.

I finally decided it was time to start making some much needed renovations to my company building, and once the remodeling was done I realized the paint look dull and tacky, and not only that but it was beginning to peel off only one month after application. I called Painting Contractor USA and they were able to do such a great job in making my building look vibrant and removing the old paint without breaking the bank or disturbing my workers in such a way that their productivity would be hindered. I\'d definitely recommend this to anyone in need of commercial painting.

Fred T. - Brookfield, MO

Hardworking Guys

Feb 17, 2013 by Mike H.

As a perfectionist, I truly don\'t like it when mediocre painters leave bumps and ridges all over my walls. Painter Contractor USA resolved that and sandblasted my whole bakery and repainted on top of it in such a way that was smooth as a granite counter-top. Considering that the cost was well within my budget and my workers nor my customers noticed them, they are a service I\'d truly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Mike H. - Rome, GA

Did A Great Job

Feb 03, 2013 by Don B.

When I first purchased a new building for my restaurant, I noticed that the previous owner had painted their walls this dull shade of gray, which was counter productive for me considering I wanted my customers to see how vibrant this place was. Painter Contractor USA made the best effort to repaint the walls in a manner that didn\'t break the bank nor took an eternity, and for that I can\'t sing their praises enough.

Don B. - Waco, TX

You Guys Are The Best

Jan 22, 2013 by Dan S.

As a marketing director for a mall, I realize how important it is to even make the most subtle change to bring more customers. I realized one place where we could shine was getting a new paint job, and Painting Contractor USA did just that. Not only did we not have to break an arm and a leg for the service, but they sandblasted the place to make sure that their paint job was smooth and not bumpy and full of ridges such as other competitors.

Dan S. - Indianapolis, IN

Big Help

Jan 10, 2013 by Fred J.

When I first opened up my brewery, I had no idea that there were all sorts of regulations just on the coating requirements of the building. I of course didn\'t have much money to spend to meet these requirements, but Painter Contractor USA was able to give me a cost efficient service that met the prerequisites to operate my brewery without spending a fortune.

Fred J. - Miami, FL

Painting Contractor USA , USA 5.0 5.0 10 10 I work at an auto dealership and when I realized that our ceilings looked absolutely horrible, I forwarded my complaint to management. They said that if anything was to be done abo

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