Insights To Painting In Hot Weather

painting in hot weather

Painting in hot weather is a challenging yet achievable task. The temperature is too high outside that it becomes too difficult for anyone to stay longer outside which is why people usually avoid painting in hot weather but here I must tell you that sometimes the things which look difficult are not that much difficult, same is the case with painting in hot weather. Summer is approaching now; soon temperature will rise up largely especially during day timing. However, every one of us has air conditioners and other cooling systems in our homes but still summer season affects our lives badly. Classic Air Conditioning and Heating Services can come and make sure your A/C unit is running right and save you money. Majority of the people go to surrounding areas for spending holidays in peak summer season, as it is very hard to survive hot weather.

Most of the people think summers to be ideal for painting exterior walls. However, it is true but up to some extent as both extreme cold as well as extreme hot temperature are thought to be bad for painting exteriors as the paint does not settles well in extreme weather conditions but this does not mean you cannot paint in such weather. You can definitely paint in hot weather but you need to be extra careful, as weather will be working against you.

Paint manufacturers usually manufacture paints in such a ways that they can be used only in limited temperature range after it the paint becomes thick or cracks starts to appear on the walls. Therefore, you need to check the weather reports before starting to paint your exteriors.

How High Temperature Effects Painting Quality

Temperature directly affects the quality of paint being applied on the walls. If the temperature is very low then paint will take too much time in drying which will cause cracks into it and if on the other hand, temperature is high then the walls become hot and when you apply paint on them then small bubbles starts to appear. These bubbles cannot be seen by naked eye but you can easily see them with your microscope. This concept is named as thermal blistering and it occurs only when you are painting in hot weather and temperature is more than 80 degree Fahrenheit.

In order to make things more clear, Painting Sydney wants to tell us, what exactly happens when paint is applied over a very hot wall. When you do so then paints starts to form a thick skin over the surface of walls which stops the evaporation of different solvents present in the paint. The bubbles starts to form which gives path to moisture and when moisture starts entering then after some time big cracks appear on the painting surface due to which paint starts falling and walls become exposed.

What To Do Now?

Though, the professional painters have told us about ideal weather conditions for painting but the problem is that the weather which they consider to be ideal hardly exists is most of the areas and if luckily it exists then it comes for just 2 to 5 days in the whole year and I am sure, none of you can wait to paint the home for whole year so why not give it a try.

Painting in hot weather is difficult but not impossible so if anyone stops you from painting during extreme hot weather conditions, then do not listen to him. You will have to put in some extra effort but at the end, the results will be beyond your expectations.

You can decrease the risk of painting in hot weather up to a great extent by following certain tips and suggestions which I learned from my personal experiences and that of my friends who painted their home in hot weather successfully. So just remain stick to these tips and everything will be fine.

Prepare The Surface Before Hand

Preparing the wall is harder then painting so, you must be very careful in preparing the surface for painting. Most of the people do not take it seriously due to which they suffer afterwards. Preparation takes more time and energy then painting so be very calm. Detect all the areas having cracks. Use highly efficient materials for filling the cracks properly. This will create ease in painting the walls afterwards.

Use High Quality Paints

Never ever, buy paints offering tokens as they are always of poor quality. People become greedy after listening about tokens which causes them problems. Always go for high quality paints. The best way to do so is consulting only top ranked manufacturers of wall paints. These companies also give expert advice to their customers which if utilized efficiently can give you a lot of benefits. One thing more, always buy those paints that can survive even higher temperatures. As you are going to do painting in hot weather so ordinary paint will not stand out, you will need the paints that can easily be applied above 80 degrees. A few companies are offering these special types of paints. The main difference between these paints and ordinary paints is their chemistry and ingredients present in them.

Spray Painting

When it comes to painting in hot weather then spray painting and back rolling is considered the best option so I suggest considering these options. There are certain skills you need to have while using sprays or back rolling for applying the paint on the walls so only go for these options if you have these skills.

Use Heavy Duty Brushes

Professionals always use heavy-duty brushes for painting in hot weather.

Keep Laser Temperature Measurement Device

It is to suggest getting an efficient temperature measurement device, for measuring the temperature after every few hours. If the temperature rises beyond the limits then stop painting for a while.

Use Hot Weather Paint Thinner

As paints get dried too fast in hot weather so it is good to add a certain amount of hot weather thinner into the paint. It will make paint thinner decreasing the speed of drying. This thinner is easily available in the market.

Use Shadows Where Possible

Avoid painting directly under the sun prefer using shadows where possible. You may create a shadow by yourself by using plastic sheets or any other stuff. The main idea is to avoid sunrays to directly fall on the walls, as it will create unlimited damage to the walls.

Now, you are fully ready to do painting in hot weather so just change your clothes, take out paints, ladder, and other stuff, and start painting right away.

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