Nationwide Painting

Nationwide Painting

Painting Contractor USA provides nationwide painting service for any industrial or commercial facility. We offer a low pricing system and personalized service that caters to your business needs, providing only the best quality and workmanship on every project we oversee. Our professional painters have over 35 years experience specializing in industrial painting and extensive experience in a wide range of facilities from factories and storage buildings to government institutions.

Nationwide Painting Services from Painting Contractor USA

Whether servicing an automobile factory in Michigan or a cattle ranch in Texas, our trained professional contractors can take on any project, large or small. Our interior painting services can revitalize the look of your business or industrial complex. By painting over blemishes and natural weathering, your building can look brand new. This will have a positive effect on the way your employees and customers view your business.

The nationwide painting services that our painters provide also include the painting of ceilings, side walls and structure steel. Painting Contractor USA can provide a new coat of paint to your ceilings in order to improve visibility. By changing the color of your industrial or commercial building to a lighter color, you will be able to produce more light with fewer fixtures, as the paint will provide a reflective surface for the light to bounce off of. Improved visibility means safer workers and a more attractive business.

Our painting services include details such as safety markers and signs. We can provide any type of stenciling you desire, whether it's needed to indicate off limit areas, to mark pipes or to give directions for employees and customers.

At Painting Contractor USA, we specialize in more than just painting interiors. Our painters can also provide painting services for your industrial silos, tanks and other storage equipment. We can even provide painting services on industrial machinery.

Painting Services for Companies with Nationwide Presence

At Painting Contractor USA, our services include painting companies with a nationwide presence. We provide total facility painting for companies that have multiple locations such as:

  • Auto Repair Chains
  • Book Store Chains
  • Chain Stores
  • Convenience Store Chains
  • Discount Store Chains
  • Farm Supply Chains
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Gas Station Chains
  • Hardware Chain Stores
  • Home Center Chains
  • Large Discount Store Chains
  • Large Hotel Chains
  • Multi Branch Banks
  • Multi Location Businesses
  • Multi Plant Locations
  • Multiple Factory Locations
  • Multiple Store Locations
  • National Auto Dealers
  • National Beverage Manufacturers
  • National Chain Stores
  • National Distribution Centers
  • National Hotels
  • National Manufacturers
  • National Motels
  • Nationwide Factories
  • Nationwide Manufacturers
  • Office Supply Chains
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Retail Chain Stores
  • Shopping Mall Chains
  • Statewide Banks
  • Supermarket Chains
  • Truck Stop Chains
  • Warehouse Chains

Other Nationwide Services by Painting Contractor USA

Our professional painters supply much more than nationwide painting services to the commercial and industrial buildings across the country. Painting Contractor USA can also provide industrial cleaning. The most common form of industrial cleaning is high powered sandblasting. Sandblasting is a technique in which an abrasive material is used to remove detritus and rust from your interior surfaces.

Before any nationwide painting services are rendered, our contractors will use sandblasting to make an even surface for the paint to stick to. This makes for a much smoother paint job that will last for years without weathering. Other cleaning services are available for surfaces that cannot handle sandblasting, such as chemical stripping and power tool cleaning.

Depending on the nature of your business or industry, you may need regular nationwide painting inspections from Painting Contractor USA. Our contractors can locate any problem areas before they become a much bigger concern. By catching problems early, you can save time and money on complete renovations. Our contractors provide partial painting services that take care of areas where weathering is much worse while maintaining the integrity of areas that do not have as much weathering.

We work closely with our clients to provide painting services that can fit any budget and any building. We work holidays, weekends and evenings so that our painting and cleaning services do not interrupt your day-to-day operations. We can work on a section at a time so that you do not have to close your factory or business while renovations occur. At Painting Contractor USA, our number one priority is your satisfaction.

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