Municipal Painting

Municipal Painting

For over 35 years, Painting Contractor USA has provided municipal painting services for clients nationwide. Our trained staff has experience with painting a multitude of municipal structures from schools and universities to office buildings and storage facilities. We specialize in interior painting with a focus on ceilings, side walls and structural steel. We also provide a variety of municipal cleaning services to protect your interior painting investment.

Municipal Painting Services

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your municipal structure is a great way to make it look brand new again. A new coat of paint can hide unsightly wear and tear such as scratches, small holes and worn areas. Your workers and constituents will take pride in your municipal building when it looks its best. At Painting Contractor USA we have experience in providing municipal painting services for a variety of different buildings, and we understand that each client has unique needs. We will work with you to find the right materials that are suited to the environment of your municipal building. We can provide paint that is free of toxins and is safe for schools, museums and other municipal buildings where children are present.

The professionals at Painting Contractor USA can also provide detailed municipal painting services that can help keep the workers and visitors to your building safe and secure. We can provide color coordination for easier organization and we can mark off dangerous areas. Among the many municipal painting services available, we can also provide stenciling and signs to further instruct, direct and help your workers, students and visitors.

If your municipal building contains lead paint or another harmful substance, our contractors can offer safe and affordable alternatives to a complete overhaul. Our painting experts can apply a layer of protective sealant that will keep harmful particles out of the air without making it necessary to completely repaint your entire building.

Cleaning Services Offered Prior to Municipal Painting

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We recommend professional cleaning services prior to any municipal painting services. Creating a smooth, clean surface before painting ensures that the paint will hold better to the surface, which means less chipping and cracking. Our experts employ a variety of cleaning services depending on the municipal structure involved. While larger warehouses, gymnasiums, airports and other municipal structures may benefit from a high powered cleaning service like sandblasting, it is not right for every building's needs. On top of sandblasting, which removes the build up of harmful agents, we also provide gentler approaches such as chemical cleaning, cleaning by hand, high powered water cleaning and more.

Municipal Painting that Works for You

At Painting Contractor USA we do everything we can to provide you with a service that fits the needs of your municipal building. We can work one segment at a time so that a complete shut down of your building is not required. We employ a large number of trained professionals so that we are able to perform even the largest of tasks with efficiency. Our painting contractors are available during evenings, weekends and holidays to better service your municipal building. We will work with you to find the municipal painting and cleaning services that are the best fit for the needs of your building while still staying within your budget.

Our services for municipal buildings include:

  • Municipal Airports
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Municipal Bus Stations
  • Municipal Bus Stops
  • Municipal Campgrounds
  • Municipal Centers
  • Municipal Convention Centers
  • Municipal Coroners' Offices
  • Municipal Correctional Camps
  • Municipal Correctional Institutions
  • Municipal Council Buildings
  • Municipal Courthouses
  • Municipal Courts
  • Municipal Detention Centers
  • Municipal Fire Stations
  • Municipal Garages
  • Municipal Goverment Offices
  • Municipal Halls
  • Municipal Historic Sites
  • Municipal Jails
  • Municipal Mayor's Offices
  • Municipal Offices
  • Municipal Parking Garages
  • Municipal Parks
  • Municipal Parole Offices
  • Municipal Penitentiaries
  • Municipal Police Academies
  • Municipal Police Posts
  • Municipal Police Stations
  • Municipal Post Offices
  • Municipal Power Plants
  • Municipal Prisons
  • Municipal Railway Stations
  • Municipal Subway Stations
  • Municipal Subway Tunnels
  • Municipal Traffic Courts
  • Municipal Train Stations
  • Municipal Transit Stations
  • Municipal Warehouses
  • Municipal Water Plants
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