Military Painting

Military Painting

Painting Contractor USA provides military painting services for the United States Navy and other military organizations. Military buildings have a number of special needs when it comes to interior and ceiling painting. From barracks and office buildings to military training facilities, warehouses and munitions factories, each building must look its best and provide protection from the natural weathering that occurs over time. Our qualified painters have over 35 years of experience when it comes to military painting services.

Military Painting Services by Painting Contractor USA

Painting Contractor USA can supply any military complex with a fresh coat of interior paint in order to improve visibility and to make for a more attractive finish. This can help to improve the morale of factory workers and soldiers by providing a more comfortable environment. Our professional contractors will use the best materials that are suited to your building and will stay within military painting codes.

We specialize in painting ceilings for industrial buildings and storage facilities along with sidewalls and structural steel as well. The contractors at Painting Contractor USA have experience with painting ceilings of all types from cement paneling to metal decks.

We guarantee a quality paint job that is up to regulations and will not disrupt the day-to-day activities of your military building. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your ceilings can improve visibility by creating lighter surfaces. This will reflect light from your lighting fixtures, making it easier to see with fewer lights.

Our professional contractors also provide a number of detailed military painting services such as stenciling and labeling. We can mark hazardous materials and restricted areas or label pipes and equipment to improve efficiency. Our painters can also paint a number of other structures other than your walls and ceilings. We are experienced in painting everything from tanks and silos to guard rails and equipment.

Other Services Available from Painting Contractor USA

Other than military painting, the contractors at Painting Contractor USA provide a number of additional services. We can provide experienced sandblasting experts who can revitalize your structure by removing debris and rust from the surfaces. Our painters will typically use sandblasting prior to painting any surface in order to make a smoother area for the paint to stick to. This allows your new paint job to last for an extended period of time, or it can make an old paint job look like new again.

Painting Contractor USA also provides other cleaning services such as chemical cleaning or steam cleaning. Not every surface will benefit from a high pressure clean. We provide a number of cleaning services that are appropriate for a variety of different materials. We can provide hand tool cleaning and power tool cleaning as well.

In order to spot problem areas while they are still inexpensive, consider Painting Contractor USA's inspection services. We can inspect any military painting job, new or old, to check for cracking, peeling and other signs of aging. By catching smaller problem areas and fixing them before they become larger issues, you can save time and money.

We serve a variety of military clients including:

  • Air Force Airports
  • Air Force Barracks
  • Air Force Bases
  • Air Force Dormitories
  • Air Force Fire Stations
  • Air Force Hangars
  • Air Force Headquarters
  • Air Force Mess Halls
  • Army Airports
  • Army Bases
  • Army Depots
  • Army Headquarters
  • Army Hospitals
  • Army National Guard Bases
  • Army Warehouses
  • Bunker Silos
  • Bunkers
  • Civil Defense Shelters
  • Coast Guard Bases
  • Coast Guard Headquarters
  • Coast Guard Stations
  • Marine Corps Bases
  • Marine Corps Headquarters
  • Marine Corps Hospitals
  • Military Airports
  • Military Bases
  • Military Depots
  • Military Dormitories
  • Military Fire Stations
  • Military Hangars
  • Military Headquarters
  • Military Hospitals
  • Military Jails
  • Military Mess Halls
  • Military Police Stations
  • Missile Silos
  • National Guard Bases
  • Navel Bases
  • Navy Airports
  • Navy Bases
  • Navy Fire Stations
  • Navy Headquarters
  • Navy Hospitals
  • Navy Training Bases
  • Navy Warehouses
  • Submarine Bases
  • Vehicle Check Points
  • Weapons Stations
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