Surefire Ways For Painting In Rainy Weather

painting in rainy weather

Most people think painting in rainy weather is impossible. While it may not be ideal, it can be done. If you follow certain techniques then you can easily do painting in rainy weather. It may sound like a bad idea, but done right rainy weather will not affect the quality of painting on your exterior walls. If you live in an area where there it rains 8 months a year, then instead of waiting for too long, you can paint your home or office right away as I have some surefire ways for painting in rainy weather. Having a company come set up a Scaffolding outside can help you reach higher place on the outside of your house and is much safer then just using a ladder.

Before discussing simple and easy ways for doing paint in rainy weather, I must tell you why it is not suggested to paint in rainy weather. In rainy weather, the humidity increases when temperature slows down causing problem in drying of paint that is why experts usually suggest waiting instead of painting in rain. Another reason is that if you paint in rainy weather then it takes extra time in drying and mostly scratches appear on the walls after drying. Now, we have to do something that can help us in avoiding these problems while painting in rainy weather.

Easy To Follow Ways for Painting in Rainy Weather

Now for some time, just remove this thing from your mind that it is not safe painting in rainy weather, as you will see it definitely is. I know you are excited to know how to paint safely in rainy weather so here are some ways.

Painting Before it Rains

If you have a rainy weather in your locality and weather reports are saying that it will rain in the next 24 hours then you may start painting without any fear but do confirm that humidity is not too high as too much humidity is dangerous for the paint. Here I must tell you that there are special paints available in the markets that are designed for painting in rainy weather. These paints dried very fast and they are not much affected by the humidity so prefer using these paints instead of ordinary paints. If it rains after 3 to 4 hours of applying paint then there is nothing to worry, as paint usually gets dry within this time.

If your walls are not wet then it means there are ready for painting so just go for it without worrying about the coming storm or rain.

Painting after Rain

If there has been raining continuously for several days or last 24 hours then wait for the right time. Keep on reading or watching weather news time by time to remain update about the current and upcoming weather conditions in your locality. If it stops raining and reports says that weather will remain clear for next few hours then you can easily start painting but before that, you have to dry your walls. You may use fast and efficient fans or dryers for drying your walls. I am serious, these things really works. When you feel that, the walls are fully dried then go for painting by taking the name of God. Here, I have one tip for you. Avoid using oil paint if you are not sure that the walls are dry, as oil paint does not give good finishing if it is applied on wet walls. Use latex paints instead for painting in rainy weather as they can work well even if the walls are a bit wet.

Painting during Rain

If the walls of your home or office are covered with shades in such a way that rain does not directly falls on the walls then you may also paint when it is raining but before doing so please confirm that the walls are dry enough.

Prefer Painting Early Morning

Experts usually suggest painting early morning, as paints get dry easily during day timings then at night. This is because temperature decreases and humidity increases during night making it difficult for the paint to get dry properly.

Some Tips and Tricks

Before doing painting in rainy weather, it is usually suggested to ask a few questions from you. Firstly, you should ask that the walls you are going to pain are dry or not. If your answer is no then dry the walls first. Secondly, ask yourself whether it will rain during the next 8 hours or not. If your answer is no then go for painting, otherwise wait for the right time. Is temperature appropriate outside or not? If temperature is below the minimum temperature level needed for painting then it is better to wait for the temperature to rise. Prefer using those paints that are designed to work at temperature as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. I hope this guide for painting in rainy weather will help you in applying paint smoothly.

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