Guidelines For Painting In Cold Weather

painting in cold weather

Painting in cold weather can be done if a few tips are followed. There are two different schools of thoughts. One says that it is fully safe to do painting in cold weather whereas the other says that painting in the cold is a waste of time and money. I agree with the first group of people who believe paintings in cold weather to be fully safe, but only if certain precautions are taken. There are various regions where the weather remains cold throughout the year. People living in these areas have no other option than to paint in cold weather. Hiring paint professionals Chester County, can help you get the painting done even in winter.

Thanks to the modern technology, which has provided us with the latest equipment and painting materials that can be used even in cold and rainy weather, painting in cold weather is not a big deal these days. It is usually suggested to paint your home at least once a year as the paint protects walls from extreme weather conditions. You can have your home professionally painted by contractors, which will help you to avoid the hassle.

Why People Tend to Avoid Painting in Cold Weather?

The best way to solve any problem is to find its root cause. The problem we are having is cold weather so before finding ways to paint in cold weather we should first find out reasons why it is advised not to paint in cold weather. It is because the level of humidity or moisture increases in cold weather because of which the walls become wet and paint is never applied on wet walls. Another reason is that paint if applied in cold weather takes too long in getting dry.

Secrets to Painting in Cold Weather

I know how challenging it is for people living in cold areas to paint their home, office or any other property as I myself live in a colder region where temperature remain low most of the times and I have seen several jobs where home owners attempted to paint their house their self. I have learned some tips and guidelines for painting in cold weather which I want to share with you so that you can easily apply paint without fearing about the increased humidity or decreased temperature. If you want to have your home painted well then just follow the given guidelines.

Read Weather Reports

Never start painting without consulting the weather report as these reports tells you about current as well as expected temperature and humidity level in your area. Always remember it is safe to paint in highly cold weather if humidity level is low but it is never wise to paint in humidity level up to 80% or more so do not forget to check the humidity level in the weather forecast and paint accordingly.

Always Use Low Temperature Paints

The selection of paints also affects your painting experience. You will be amazed to know that now a day’s large numbers of paint manufacturing companies are specially manufacturing low temperature paints just for those people who live in colder regions. An ordinary paint cannot withstand lower temperature but low temperature paints works well even at lowest possible temperature.

Wait For the Right Time

When it comes to painting in cold weather then you have to wait for the right time. Prefer starting painting when the ambient temperature that is temperature of air and substrate temperature that is temperature of the painting surface both are at an average level. These temperatures are lower in early morning and at night which means never do painting early morning.

Follow Sun

It is always suggested to follow the sun while painting in cold weather. This means that start painting a few hours after sun rises and stop painting before the sun sets as temperature and humidity both are directly associated with the sun. The temperature becomes significantly higher and moisture becomes significantly lower during daytime so take benefit from it. You may start preparing for painting in the early morning so that you can be fully ready to paint at the time of sunrise.

Temperature of Paint Also Matters A lot

The temperature of paint matters a lot and unfortunately, majority of the people ignore this thing. As a result, they become unable to paint smoothly. If the pint is kept at lower temperature for a long time and then it is applied to the surface which also lower temperature then the paint becomes thick. As a result, it does not flow well, which makes it difficult to brush. Try to keep the paint cans in hot environment where they cannot get freeze. You may place them in your basement.

Wait Longer Before Applying Second Coats

As paint takes more than average time to dry in cold weather so whenever you are painting in cold weather then give more time to the paint so that it can dry well. Do not apply the second coat immediately. Painting in cold weather can be challenging but if you follow the above-mentioned tips then you can easily paint at anytime and any temperature range.

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